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General Questions

  • What's this made out of?

    See Product Pages

  • Where is it made?


  • Do you ship outside of USA?

    Product Dependent – ITAR restricted items such as optics and magazines may not be shipped. Iron sights or adapters may be shipped outside of the USA on a case-by-case basis.  Please fill out the “contact us” form. For foreign wholesale inquiries, please fill out the “contact us” form.  For Canadian customers, please first visit Wolverine Supplies and submit a request if the product you’re inquiring about is not on their web page.

  • Does it co-witness?

    See Product Page – Yes with suppressor height sights, not with stock sights

  • Will it work with optic XYZ?

    It will work with optics patterned after the original RMR or RMRT2. If you are not sure if your optic is patterned in that manner, we strongly recommend you contact the manufacturer of your optic to find out before purchasing.